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My name is rachel, but I also go by Mo

I’m a mother of two wonderful boys, I decided to create this blog/ site from a need I had. I’m always looking for events to take my kids, and finding them can be tricky. So I decided to create this guide to share events for kids in your local area. Right now it’s just me so it’s going to limited ot my area. Hopefully some more people can join in the future and we can expand this operation!

Until then you’ll just have to put up with the few locations I can manage. I will also be blogging about myself, my children. The challenges and the fun!

Hope you enjoy this blog!

Hunting Down Used Cars

Finding the best used cars

We decided we needed a second car but couldn’t really afford another huge car payment so looking for used cars for sale was a logical step. We had a few criteria: low mileage (or as low as we could find anyway), four wheel drive, and some kind of warranty. There was a great chance that our kids would be riding around in this car and we wanted it to be as safe as possible, especially since the winters here can be so bad.

My husband spent a lot of time online looking at the inventory of the used car dealerships close to us; which we mostly found here:www.carcanuck.ca. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find what we were looking for. We found great cars with low mileage but no warranty. We found cars with great warranties that weren’t four wheel drive. Basically, we found every combination of our criteria except for something that met all three.

We weren’t sure what to do next but my husband suggested we look at used cars in the next city over. Which is what we did. We basically slowly went further and further away from home until we found the exact car we were looking for. It only had 30,000 miles on it, fit comfortably into our budget, and came with a generous warranty. The hitch? We had to drive 150 miles to get it.

At first, I was really annoyed but soon realized that we really needed this car and this was the only way to get exactly what we wanted. So, we decided to turn it into a little adventure. My husband contacted the dealership and explained the situation and they agreed to hold it for us. We headed out a few days later in the minivan, all 3 kids in tow, and stopped at a few cool parks along the way. We even found this really cool roadside diner that had the best pancakes I’ve ever had.

The kids had a blast and it actually turned into a fun little road trip. When we got to the dealership, they were so nice to us! The kids were really cranky at that point so the salesmen set up a little area for them to sit and color together. They were so nice to us. It wasn’t long until we were all headed home, my husband driving the new car with our oldest son in the passenger seat. The dealership also set us up with an insurance agent, and we were able to get some very cheap car insurance no deposit, which was very nice!

Cheap no deposit auto insurance and Bullet Journaling

How Bullet Journaling Is Saving Me Money

This whole bullet journal thing is amazing for financial planning. For the last couple of years I’ve just waited until I get my renewal letter through and then I’ve either just gone with it, or rang them up to see if there’s any deals that I can get. This year though, I decided to be ahead of the game!

My future log has all the dates for the renewals noted down, and then my monthlies have it marked down on their title pages in the to-do section. This means instead of dealing with it all last minute, I’ve been ahead of the game. This month’s renewal was the car insurance – something I usually hate dealing with.

My colleagues always say that it’s better to switch companies frequently, so that you can take advantage of their new customer deals, but I’ve been a bit too worried to do that. You see, we’re still working on building up our finances, so the idea of switching and dropping a new deposit is quite scary – I’ve put it off thinking we didn’t have the money.

This month though, I knew I had three weeks before I had to renew it, so I decided to shop around. Turns out that you can get very cheap car insurance no deposit needed. It’s a slightly higher amount per month, but because I had so much time to look, I found something that was cheaper per month that I was paying and had no deposit. Found the insurance here: http://www.verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com/

Week one of the month I had it noted down that I had to look into my current policy, write down how much it was costing me per month and per year, and then look into what I might get if I just renewed with the same company.

Week two, I drew up a page to write down comparative quotes including their deposit, their monthly cost, and the overall cost for the year. I did procrastinate a little here, and this might be one of the prettiest financial planning pages I’ve done! I set myself the task of writing down at least one new piece of information per day, and ended up doing much more! It’s true what they say – a little bit at a time makes it much easier than leaving it all until the end.

Week three I set a day to contact the company and get my new policy set up in advance of my usual renewal date – just in case something went wrong and I needed to go back to the original plan.

Seriously, it’s made such a difference – last year I would have just panicked and gone with the same as before, but breaking it down into steps and having it written down so far in advance made it much less scary. Definitely something I’m going to keep doing.

There is a Lot of Talk About Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance

So Who Does Have the Cheapest Auto Insurance?

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of my friends and coworkers are looking for ways to save money. I must admit, there are a few areas I could cut back in myself. The other day, I heard a couple of coworkers discussing who has the cheapest auto insurance. I was surprised to hear about the rates they were paying for auto insurance but I was equally surprised to learn about all their strategies to save money.

I never knew that so many people are working towards saving money but I guess it’s understandable. My family always shops the sales and utilizes coupons as often as possible. This is only one of the ways we try to save but it helps. We all commit to eating out only once during the weekend and always at home during the week. Our kids pack their lunch for school and we have recently started shopping wholesale to add to the savings. These habits add about an additional $225 to our monthly budget. Every little bit helps and we definitely notice the difference.

We decided to share vehicles for work and school to cut down on fuel costs and this worked out perfectly so far. We were also fortunate enough to save on our coverage by researching who has the cheapest auto insurance in our area. I was glad to see the decrease in this overall cost because it was incredibly expensive before. I think too many people simply sign-up with the first quote they receive and fail to conduct further research. I’m sure many people are missing out on the incredible savings afforded by switching auto coverage providers. We were able to plan for our summer vacation almost three months sooner than usual due to the savings.

Our oldest was recently accepted to an intern for next summer in Paris. We are excited but know that this too will cost a bit more than we’d prepared to spend. Thankfully, we have a few ideas on what we can do to save money to go towards this internship. I’m sure it will be a great experience and we look forward to hearing all about it. I showed my friends a great way to save money on their auto insurance, here it is: http://www.whohasthecheapestautoinsurance.com/. I use this site to compare auto insurance companies near me.

Student loans are too big! That’s why we need loans

I live in New Jersey. And in N,J, and probably quite a few other places too. The first encounter people have with taking out a loan, is a student loan.

Here, student loan debt is just something that everyone has. The government automatically give everyone a set amount of money depending on your family’s income. But you will always get a loan if you ask for one. And it’s a loan that a lot of people seem to think they don’t have to pay back.

Because everyone has it, it isn’t something that sets people apart in a bad way. And you have to earn a certain annual wage before you have to pay it back. Which hopefully you will, but it’s not as easy as you’d think to find a job straight out of university that pays high enough for you to have to make repayments.

And even if and when you do finally earn enough, the repayments just automatically get taken out of your wages at such a low amount you’d hardly notice. If you earn the minimum amount, you end up repaying like $25 a month.

Which, when most people owe around $30,000, is never going to repay the debt in full. So then what happens?

Well if you wait 25 years, it will just expire, and you won’t owe anything anymore. And up until recently, you could write it off just by moving abroad. Even now, it’s hard to keep track of the people that leave the country, so most of them won’t make repayments unless they return.

It’s nothing like you’d imagine being in debt to feel like. So if people’s first dealings with debt are so easy and hassle-free, is it any wonder we’re all running off to search ‘loans places near me’ when we run out of cash? At least New Jersey has very cheap car insurance no deposit, in the U.S.A, guess that’s one perk of living here..

Me Vs My Mother: Who Deserves Cheaper Car Insurance?

( Had to post this sorry!)

Right now, the wrong people (AKA people that aren’t me) are getting the best prices on car insurance. My mother for example.

She’s a terrible driver. I’m not great either. But at least I maintain some semblance of sanity behind the wheel. She, on the other hand, loses her god damn mind every time she gets into the driver’s seat. Yet who has the cheapest car insurance? She does. All because I drove ‘too fast’ past a few speed cameras.

I should definitely get cheaper car insurance than her! Let’s examine some of the evidence.

First, I have collided with another vehicle once in ten years. At night. And in bad weather conditions. Neither car was badly damaged. And no one was injured. I took responsibility for it and lived with the pricey consequences.

My mother, once crashed her car 3 times in as many months. In good weather, and broad daylight. She wrote off her vehicle two out of the three times.

The first time she drove out of a car park straight into a car driving past because she wasn’t looking. She blamed the other driver.

The second time, my friend and I were singing along to the radio in the back seat. We were eight. She drove into the back of someone at a red light. She told the other driver that it was my fault.

And by the third time, she refused to tell anyone what happened and just quietly replaced her car.

I can think of a million other examples of why she is more of a ‘high-risk’ customer for insurance companies. But I’ll just leave you with one.

She’s driving along. Realises she’s in the wrong lane. And instead of just switching lanes calmly, almost as if the end of the world isn’t nigh. She FREAKS OUT as though one lane goes to her destination. The other, straight to the depths of hell! Every. Time.

In the end we both got quotes at: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/how-to-get-cheap-full-coverage-auto-insurance/

and I was able to get a better deal than my mom 🙂