Cheap no deposit auto insurance and Bullet Journaling

How Bullet Journaling Is Saving Me Money

This whole bullet journal thing is amazing for financial planning. For the last couple of years I’ve just waited until I get my renewal letter through and then I’ve either just gone with it, or rang them up to see if there’s any deals that I can get. This year though, I decided to be ahead of the game!

My future log has all the dates for the renewals noted down, and then my monthlies have it marked down on their title pages in the to-do section. This means instead of dealing with it all last minute, I’ve been ahead of the game. This month’s renewal was the car insurance – something I usually hate dealing with.

My colleagues always say that it’s better to switch companies frequently, so that you can take advantage of their new customer deals, but I’ve been a bit too worried to do that. You see, we’re still working on building up our finances, so the idea of switching and dropping a new deposit is quite scary – I’ve put it off thinking we didn’t have the money.

This month though, I knew I had three weeks before I had to renew it, so I decided to shop around. Turns out that you can get very cheap car insurance no deposit needed. It’s a slightly higher amount per month, but because I had so much time to look, I found something that was cheaper per month that I was paying and had no deposit. Found the insurance here:

Week one of the month I had it noted down that I had to look into my current policy, write down how much it was costing me per month and per year, and then look into what I might get if I just renewed with the same company.

Week two, I drew up a page to write down comparative quotes including their deposit, their monthly cost, and the overall cost for the year. I did procrastinate a little here, and this might be one of the prettiest financial planning pages I’ve done! I set myself the task of writing down at least one new piece of information per day, and ended up doing much more! It’s true what they say – a little bit at a time makes it much easier than leaving it all until the end.

Week three I set a day to contact the company and get my new policy set up in advance of my usual renewal date – just in case something went wrong and I needed to go back to the original plan.

Seriously, it’s made such a difference – last year I would have just panicked and gone with the same as before, but breaking it down into steps and having it written down so far in advance made it much less scary. Definitely something I’m going to keep doing.