There is a Lot of Talk About Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance

So Who Does Have the Cheapest Auto Insurance?

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of my friends and coworkers are looking for ways to save money. I must admit, there are a few areas I could cut back in myself. The other day, I heard a couple of coworkers discussing who has the cheapest auto insurance. I was surprised to hear about the rates they were paying for auto insurance but I was equally surprised to learn about all their strategies to save money.

I never knew that so many people are working towards saving money but I guess it’s understandable. My family always shops the sales and utilizes coupons as often as possible. This is only one of the ways we try to save but it helps. We all commit to eating out only once during the weekend and always at home during the week. Our kids pack their lunch for school and we have recently started shopping wholesale to add to the savings. These habits add about an additional $225 to our monthly budget. Every little bit helps and we definitely notice the difference.

We decided to share vehicles for work and school to cut down on fuel costs and this worked out perfectly so far. We were also fortunate enough to save on our coverage by researching who has the cheapest auto insurance in our area. I was glad to see the decrease in this overall cost because it was incredibly expensive before. I think too many people simply sign-up with the first quote they receive and fail to conduct further research. I’m sure many people are missing out on the incredible savings afforded by switching auto coverage providers. We were able to plan for our summer vacation almost three months sooner than usual due to the savings.

Our oldest was recently accepted to an intern for next summer in Paris. We are excited but know that this too will cost a bit more than we’d prepared to spend. Thankfully, we have a few ideas on what we can do to save money to go towards this internship. I’m sure it will be a great experience and we look forward to hearing all about it. I showed my friends a great way to save money on their auto insurance, here it is: I use this site to compare auto insurance companies near me.